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Monday, October 24, 2016

Outworld Alliance Police Action

Bested by the Federated Suns, the Dogs of War mercenary company fled into the hills as their enemies departed the planet. Almost as soon as they were gone, the Outworld Alliance authorities showed up. Taking one look at the wreckage strewn about the landscape, they designated the pings on their sensors as hostile and marched into the hills after the Dogs.

Landing heavy forces along with a command HQ, the Alliance had, as usual, plenty of air support. 

The dogs of war moved to meet them, fielding heavier mechs, along with a Rommel tank and one of their fighters.

The Alliance took an aggressive stance in the air, flying circles around their adversaries, but unable to do much more than harass them with light fire. When they got a bit closer, they'd release their bombs.

Fritz still doesn't have his damned fighter on a stand, but there it is, apparently skimming the ground dangerously.

When the enemy had reached the center of the area, the three bombers let loose their payload...

A solid hit, but the return fire was nasty...

...Sending the Alliance's transit crashing to the valley floor.

Still, the enemy was weakened by the attack, and the Alliance felt bold enough to advance.

The enemy was more cautious...

As the ground forces maneuvered for advantage, a high stakes dogfight lit up the sky, with the Alliance's two light fighters always seeming to wind up in the enemy's kill slot, but a single large laser made it difficult to finish the job.

But when the heavy fighter was chased into the path of the Alliance's ground forces, it was knocked out of control, crashing into the mountainside. Unfortunately not before severely damaging the heavy tank. With its motive system damaged, it became not much more than a heavily armored bunker.

Unopposed in the air, the Alliance still felt confident of victory.

The ground forces waited for the enemy to advance.

And slowly, through the smoke, they were sited cresting the hill, avoiding the immobilized vehicles and making for the mobile HQ!

The Alliance's lone mech was the only force that could pivot to meet them.

Things were starting to look grim...

And indeed, the ended quicker than anticipated as a lucky headshot killed the mech's brave pilot!

With that, the HQ sounded the retreat.

The air force fought hard to slow the enemy down, but it could only do so much.

Faced with an approaching battlemech, the command staff bailed out and dissolved into the forest, leaving behind valuable information on their forces' deployment throughout the sector.

The Dogs of War, noticing that the force sent to attack them had left only a skeletal garrison on their home world, saw a rare opportunity. If they could manage a landing on that planet, they could seize the supplies stored at the  local militia base, which according to the captured intelligence would be enough for them to repair their badly damaged force. It was risky, but that is the nature of war.

To be continued...

Monday, October 3, 2016

Painted Sandworm for the Dune Boardgame

Played a game of the classic Dune Boardgame the other day (it's amazing, check it out), and a friend of mine brought an unpainted "Bone" line miniature to represent the great sandworm.  It was a pretty model so I offered to paint it for him.

In the process, I discovered that the usual automotive primer shouldn't be used on Bone minis.  Seriously, it just never fully dries.  Worried that I ruined it, I bought another model, but as it turns out once you paint over the primer it's fine.  The second isn't primed at all, and the paint went on without a problem.

So, check it out!  They came out pretty good, with some very slight color variations between the two.  The main work was done with the airbrush, followed by some drybrushing and details.

Some "action" shots: