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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Some Quinto Characters...

In case anyone was interested, I thought I'd post the officer bios for both sides of the Quinto Campaign. The charts for the SCW characters came out very well I think, although somehow Fritz managed to roll up a platoon of Balkan immigrants.

The Lincoln-Washington Battalion (Fritz):

Commanding Officer (2nd Company): Aleksandar (Alex) Antov

Bulgarian immigrant from Boston, 24 years of age.

An aspiring writer, Aleksandar was a small boy when his family arrived at America. Growing up poor, on the ghettos of Boston he quickly became disillusioned with the false promises that America offered. Seeking opportunity elsewhere brought him to the Lincoln-Washington Battalion and to the front lines of the Spanish Civil War. Blessed with the gift of prose and the natural ability to write he finds himself as the commanding officer more due to his ability to spin both the good and the bad over any actual experience in the field.

Senior Officer (1st Platoon): 2nd Lt. Vasilie Serban

Romanian American from New York, 29 years of age.

The Serban family has always been involved in low lever crime and thuggery both in the old country and now in New York. Seeking a different life Vasilie enlisted in the armed forces regretting that he was too young to participate in the glories of the Great War. Discharged from the US Army due to ethnic conflicts with his senior officer Vasilie now finds himself as a volunteer in the Lincoln-Washington Battalion.

Junior Officer: Sergeant John Sarantakos

Greek American from New York, 25 years of age.

As a tug operator on the Hudson River and New York Seaport John has had much time to think, and be influenced by the new ideas of Communism. Seeing the plight of the working class first hand, and the oppression of the Capitalists and authoritarian state power structure he has become disillusioned with the current state of the world. Enlisting with the Lincoln-Washington Battalion his strong beliefs and charismatic natures combined with being a stout Trotskyist has quickly pushed him to the command position as a junior officer despite the suspicion of his senior officers.

Junior Officer: Sergeant Marku Albescu

Romanian American from Boston, 25 years of age.

On the rough streets of Boston Marku quickly developed a reputation as a man who could get things done. Getting himself in a bit of trouble with some of the other Italian and Irish gangs it was his best interest to quickly leave the city. Now half-way across the world he finds himself leading his men with the same ruthless efficiency that has kept him alive growing up on the streets.  


Tercio de Doña María de Molina y Marco de Bello - The Requetes Defenders (yours truly)

Commanding Officer (1st Company) Captain Montego Vasquez.

A former commander in the Guardia Civil, in the early days of the war he fought with his unit against the red militias. Now that the Guardia has been given a back seat to the National Army, he asked for a transfer. Although an experienced officer, due to his age he's been relegated to the "quiet" Aragon sector. A Castillian of average build, but getting on in years.

Senior Officer (1st Platoon), Alfarez (2nd Lt.) Cipriano Ortega.

A former University Professor (theology) at the University of Salamanca, Orteg rallied his students to fight against the Communists in the streets of Salamanca in the early days of the way.  Afterwards, he received his commission in a Requetes unit. He can be a bit aloof and cerebral, and is often called El Profesor by his men. Average build, 29 years old.

Senior NCO, Sargento Seccion Loredo Guzman 

A 24 year old ex-theology student from Estremadura, Guzman dropped out of seminary to fight for the church and country. His men know him a kind but determined soldier who puts the safety of his men first. A previous student of El Profesor, he gets along with his Alfarez very well.

Junior NCO, Sargento Dario Rodriguez

A poor tenant farmer from just outside Quinto de Ebro, he was drafted into the army but found that military life suited him.  Short from a meager diet, but full of fight, he often comments to his men that he's never eaten so well as this past year in the army. At 40 years old, one of the oldest fighting men in the unit, but working the fields every day has made him strong and steady and he never complains.

Junior NCO, Sargento Gonzalo Lopez 
Sargento Lopez comes from a family of Carlist fighters and veterans, and was a member of the requetes Tercio before the first shots of the war were fired.  In peacetime Lopez never sought out a leadership roll in the organization, but with his years of service he was quickly promoted up to Sargento. Originally from Andalucia, this tall, thin soldier of 39 years had been nick-named "Abuelo" (grandfather) by the men, despite being a year younger than Sargento Rodriguez. The men respect his years of experience.


  1. Interesting - names for the 'big men' does help to put a player in the proper time and space for a game!

    You might want to check your font colors, however - Marku's title seems to be black on dark grey and hard to read.

    1. Huh, that's weird... oddly, it didn't appear that way in the edit screen. Changing the font and then changing it back seemed to have worked though. Thanks!

  2. Those Yanquis seem a rum lot... I wonder how thick their FBI files are? ;-)

    Another fan of personalising your leaders here!

    1. Thanks! I should probably have mentioned that Srg. Sarantakos has mixed loyalties, something I did for both lists if you roll a natural 12 for background. He only gets one command initiative, and if he's promoted he had a chance of being found out and removed to the rear for "questioning" or slipping through and becoming platoon leader, which could be a disaster.

  3. Like the bios,really adds character to the narrative. May borrow these for use in my ASL SCW solo games.