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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Battle of Drew, MS (Bill's Vicksburg Game)

The quiet town of Drew, MS. Empty of all inhabitants, long since fled East, it is now occupied by American troops in every nook and cranny. There, they wait with their commander, Col. O'Malley, for the Martians they know are coming. O'Malley is under orders to force a decision here in the northern Delta.  After a skirmish the day before, the Martians are following some retreating tanks back to Drew, right where the Colonel wants them...

Bill writes:
"The Martians came straight in. Azog knew the humans were dug in, but it didn't matter. The humans in the south had been wiped out, and the Overseers were pushing him to destroy these humans as well. The bad weather and heavy cloud cover meant he had lost track of the human tank force. He knew they were out there, waiting to pounce, but he had to attack.

Colonel O'Malley waited for the Martian assault to begin. Division had been strangely vauge about the fighting in the south near Panther Burn. There were lots of rumors floating around,  almost all of them bad. He had a sinking feeling that this fight was a lot more important than division was letting on, and that he had better win. The courier arrived with the message he wanted. The Martians were rushing in at full speed. The bait was being taken. Time to spring the trap. He gave the order, and 30 American tanks advanced towards the enemy flank.

As the Martians came on the human artillery opened up to no effect. Heat rays lick out killing some infantry. Most of the Martians on on the human right. The reaper and it's scorpion drones race towards the farm. Before the defenders can do much of anything, the scorpions swarm over them. An infantry squad and an hmg squad are wiped out. Heat rays kill two tanks. Return fire kills 7 drones and the assault tripod with green gas.

The alarm goes off. Azog sees the human
tanks plow into his flank. The slaver is pulverized and blows up, taking 3 drones with it. Three scorpions and several other drones die as well. Tanks and rough riders move to surround him. 

The scorpions overrun a trench and kill another infantry unit. More hmgs and infantry die elsewhere. Part of the town is burning, as is the other farm. Azog notices 3 big human tanks and 9 others all clumped together. Taking careful aim at the center tank he fires. The tank explodes, taking another big tank and 5 little ones with it. More drones die too, but so what. They're only drones. 

The Colonel realized he was lucky to be alive. The tanks near him had been gutted. His plan was falling apart. The reaper began moving erratically, away from the scorpions. There was still a chance. 

All the artillery targets Azog. Hearing the shrieking sound of incoming artillery, Azog looked up. His tripod begins falling apart,  then blackness. Bolg watched as Azog was engulfed by dust and explosions. When it cleared, Azog had been smashed flat, the hood cracked open, and blood was running down the sides. The assault nearby blew up, causing more damage to Bolg. The rough riders rush in and immobilize Bolg, an assault,  and the scientist. The reaper reports both weapon and movement problems.

Bolg gives the order for all Martians to withdraw. Six tripods exit the battlefield. 
Bolg and the assault break free. The regains control and heads for Colonel O'Malley. Two more tanks die.

Bolg is hammered and goes down in a pile of junk. The other three are all damage. More rough riders are swept away. The scientist breaks free and sweeps 2 more tanks away. The reaper charges into 4 more tanks and rips them all apart with it's ghastly claws. The scientist gets away.

With only 2 tripods left, all the humans let them have it. The assault blows up and the reaper breaks into many pieces. 

The battle is over. The Martians have been badly beaten and the few survivors are retreating in disarray.  

Colonel O'Malley savored the silence. His plan had worked. His losses had been heavier than expected,  but he won decisively.  The battlefield was littered with the remains of 7 tripods and almost 20 drones.  There were also 6 intact scorpion drones that were just standing there, still powered, but quiet. Maybe human scientists would find a use for them. A couple of hours later, a courier from division informed him the human forces in the south have been wiped out.
The Colonel shuddered at the thought of what a Martian victory would have meant.
He began his preparation to move south. 


  1. Excellent write-up as you include 'campaign' objectives and give the battle some context.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, campaigns are the way to go. This one has certainly be fun as hell. However, this post was mostly written by Bill, who is participating in the campaign over the internet. Credit where credit is due!